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GEGeek Tech Toolkit 7.3

GEGeek Tech Toolkit GEGeek Tech Toolkit 7.3

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GEGeek Tech Toolkit Editor's Review

Manage your Windows PC with this collection of technical apps and utilities.

Windows is a great operating system that is riddled with opportunities for improvement. Historically, this is a great way of saying that the OS has serious issues. Its also a great way of saying that it needs help.  Which is one of the reasons why utility suites like GEGeek Tech Toolkit is something that nearly every somewhat technical Windows user needs. If you have a Windows PC, you really need to do yourself a favor and check it out.

GEGeek Tech Toolkit is a complete collection of over 300 Portable freeware, tech related programs.  All of them are all accessible from a single Menu Launcher Utility. The utility suite resides on a USB or flash drive, providing the user the ability to update the programs with little to no intervention. This insures that the apps are completely portable.

The app is a system tray tool that gives you access to its cache of tools and utilities. You run the toolkit main executable, and it puts everything on the flash drive at your disposal within a couple of clicks. It has apps like WinRAR, Chrome and Firefox, as well as malware removal and disk recovery tools.  The apps are part of the download and included with the suite. Everything runs off the flash drive.

App Pro’s: Free

App Con’s: Windows Defender Identifies at least 7 components as malware, Download File on the app's homepage won't download consistently and often gets corrupted. Keep trying the download

Conclusion: I'm actually afraid to run any of the utilities in this suite, but I was finally able to get the software to download and correctly decompress. It took me five times to do it, but I finally got it to work.

Getting the software to download, however, was difficult. It would not download to my Mac either via OS X or Windows 7 via Parallels. The download kept getting corrupted just at the end. I was finally able to download the software on my Surface Pro, but after decompressing the downloaded file, Windows Defender identified at least 7 components as hacker software/malware.

Finally, the product website is a huge mess.  There's SO much information screaming at you when you visit the product's website that its very difficult to process it all and make sense of it. Even I got lost in it; and I know my way around software and websites.  Its in need of a serious overhaul as well.

While everything in this utility suite runs, I'm not entirely certain I can recommend the application to general users. Use this one at your own risk

GEGeek Tech Toolkit Publisher's Description

Have all your Tech Related Apps running from a USB or Flash drive and never have to re-install them again.

A complete collection of over 300 Portable Freeware Tech Related programs, all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. There's even a program to update all the essential programs automatically, all contained on a USB⁄Flash drive for travel....

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